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Cruise Terminology

Useful terms on Cruise and related to cruising are presented here. Check out Glossary of Cruise Terms.
 • Cabins or staterooms are what rooms on board are called
 • Decks are what the floors are known as
 • Embarkation means boarding on the ship
 • Disembarkation means getting off the ship
 • Forward cabins are cabins that are in the front portion of the ship
 • Mid ships is in the middle of the ship
 • Aft means the rear of the ship
 • Starboard is the right side of the ship
 • Port is the left side of the ship
 • Muster drill is a safety drill practice that is carried out on the first day of your cruise. It is meant to familiarize you with the location of your life jacket as well as lifeboat locations in case of any emergency
 • Galley is the name for the kitchen onboard
 • Guarantee cabin is a cabin that is priced lower than normal and guarantees that you get a cabin of the category you have paid for. The location or deck is normally released few days before sailing
 • Inside cabin is a cabin with no view of the sea
 • Ocean view or outside cabins are cabins that have large window, but it is sealed
 • Balcony cabin are cabins that are normally on the higher decks and have balcony or verandah attached
 • Porthole is small window in your cabin

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