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Cruise Tips

Take a few moments to go through our tips and iron the creases out. A little advance planning will go a long way in making it smooth sailing all the way. Bon voyage!

1. Pack right. Three types of clothing are generally needed: casual wear for relaxing on board; informal clothes to be worn when you leave the ship for sightseeing excursions and evening wear for those formal nights on board when you are invited to the Captain’s cocktail and dinner parties.
 • Casual clothes can mean t-shirts/ sports shirts and trousers for men and skirts/ trousers and blouses for women.
 • Informal clothes are jackets, shirts and ties for men and pantsuits and dresses for women.
 • Evening wear will consist of tuxedos for men and evening dresses for women.. A tuxedo is not essential, so if you don’t own one, a formal suit will do. For a fee, you may be able to rent one on board.
Traditional national dresses are of course acceptable and you can decide the formality of the dress to suit the occasion.

The amount of clothing you carry will depend on the length of the cruise. So it would be a good idea to find out how many formal evenings there will be on your cruise.

2. Since cruise company liabilities are normally limited, make sure you have a personal insurance policy that covers medical, travel and baggage loss.

3. Pack your valuables in your hand baggage and preferably deposit jewellery and other valuables with the Purser or if you have a safe in your cabin, use it. Most cruise companies do not take any responsibility for lost items, if not deposited with the Purser’s Desk.

4. Please make sure you check in and board at least two hours before the scheduled sailing time. If you don’t show up within the stipulated time, be aware that the cruise company can cancel your booking and no refund will be made to you.

5. At the time of check in, you are normally handed a cruise card that serves as identification as well as a credit card for the duration of the cruise. Get the card activated as soon as you board the ship. This can be done at the Purser’s desk. No cash transactions are carried out on board cruise ships.

6. There are normally two meal sittings on board ships. Make your preference known at the time of reservation. It will be difficult to change the timing once on board.

7. If you have special diet requests, do let your travel agent know at the time of booking to ensure you get what you want.

8. Make sure you book your shore excursions as soon as you board as these get filled up easily.

9. If you have a special occasion, like an anniversary coming up while you are on the cruise inform the travel agent at the time of booking. With advance notice, most cruise companies can normally arrange for you to have that little “extra” of having a champagne breakfast or hamper in your room! All of course for an extra charge.

10. Usually the night before you disembark, you are requested to pack your bags and leave them outside your cabin. Do ensure that you keep one hand baggage with your essentials and a change for the next day with you.

11. Tipping: The ‘done thing’ varies but usually cruise lines recommend the amount of tip for the staff. If you are satisfied with the service, follow the tipping guidelines provided by the cruise company.

12. Make sure you have a multi entry visa for the country where you embark the ship especially if after the cruise you will be disembarking at the same port. Cruise companies are not liable for any visa problems you may have and you may be refused boarding the ship in case your papers are not in order.

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