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Cruises from Antarctica

Welcome to the bottom of the world- Antarctica! The sheet of white snow, ice and rock that the Antarctica is made up of hits you between the eyes – the isolation and silence is telling: no human habitation except for scientists who come to study and understand the region. The wild animals here are unafraid of man and man comes away awestruck by the stark beauty of this unforgiving land of ice. The experience of Antarctica is guaranteed to stay with you for the rest of your life!

Highlights of the region:
 • Go ashore every time you have the opportunity
 • Watch the mating and courting of the penguins
 • Best place on the earth to spot meteorites
 • Take helicopter ride to view penguin colonies

Departure Ports
Buenos Aires or Ushuaia in Argentina and Valparaiso in Chile are the departure ports for this expedition journey to the White Continent – Antarctic.
Ports of Call
Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
You might be forgiven if you think you have landed in England: Port Stanley is as British as they come with pubs, Bobbies and the Union Jack waving in the distance! This capital town has only 2000 residents but they welcome you warmly and with open arms. Shop for a Falklander sweater and penguin memorabilia to take back home and walk around and explore the town.

Antarctic Sound
Check out the huge floating glaciers in the region which is known as Ice Alley – sail through Hope and get spellbound watching the massive glaciers in all shapes, sizes and different hues of blue and white. The Lemaire Channel is probably one of the most beautiful spots in the region and a camera is amust to capture the natural beauty.

Elephant Island, Antarctica
In history books this is where Shackleton and his crew set up camp after the sinking of their ship Endurance in 1915. Relive the experience. In this ice bound coast south of the Shetland Islands.

Paradise Bay, Antarctica
One of the most scenic areas Paradise Bay is where one can go ‘zodiac cruising’ in these little boats and explore the nooks and crannies of floating icebergs. The amazing wildlife and shades of blue of the ice mass is something to be seen. Penguins, seals and a whale or two are just some of the animals you will sight in this serene and peaceful surrounding.

Cruise lines sailing in Alaska:
Celebrity Cruises
Holland America
Silver Seas

Best Time to Cruise
November to February is when it is summer in the Antarctic region and the weather is not freezing and the sun shines during daylight hours. The rest of the year the temperatures plunge to below50 degrees centigrade and there is little or no sunlight. November is the start of summer and December – January is when the sun never seems to set with up to 20 hours of daylight! This is also the perfect time to see the penguins hatching. In February summer is on its way out, there are less cruisers and this maybe the perfect time to get a good deal. Whale sightings are common.

Small Ship versus Big Ship
There are big ships and small ships (50 -200 passengers) that do these expeditions. While sailing on a big ship maybe a more stable and comfortable experience, the smaller ships have strengthened hulls, act as icebreakers and are able to penetrate areas and make ‘wet landings’ where big ships cannot. Most of these small ships carry ‘zodiacs’ which are inflatable boats fitted with outboard engines and can transport you to shores you may not otherwise be able to reach. The downside is that they have shallow hulls and in a turbulent sea may not be good idea.

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