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Take your pick from a world of destinations. From the historical glory of St Petersburg to the stark beauty of Alaska, exotic Egypt and the Middle East, a shopping spree in Dubai or a romantic interlude in the Greek isles. Find it here.

Dramatic, savage beauty, the last Frontier - these are some of the words that come to mind when you think of Alaska. Alaska is the land of glaciers and spectacular scenic beauty. Wildlife roams free in the Denali National Park and Ketchikan has the largest collection of totem poles in the more..

Welcome to the bottom of the world- Antarctica! The sheet of white snow, ice and rock that the Antarctica is made up of hits you between the eyes – the isolation and silence is telling: no human habitation except for scientists who come to study and understand the more..

From Singapore, Shanghai and Seoul to Hong Kong and Taipei explore Asia and all its secrets – discover the sights and sounds of this mystical region. From the pristine beaches of Phuket and the finger licking Nonya cuisine in Penang,read more..

Australia & New Zealand
Take trip Down Under to Oz, to a land just waiting to be explored. From happening big cities like Sydney and Melbourne to swimming with sting rays in the Great Barrier Reef – Australia more..

The sea never looked as blue as it does in the Bahamas. Sugar white beaches coupled with the clearest of waters, the Bahamas is the perfect destination for lazing on the beach, snorkeling and more..

Canada & New England
This is where natural beauty is at its best. Canada and New England is where you will get a glimpse of the world’s natural vistas, meet friendly, welcoming people and travel through coastlines that are famed for their rugged more..

The Caribbean is all about sun, sea, dance and music. Islands in the sun strewn amidst clear blue waters and golden beaches make up the Caribbean. This is the home of coral reefs that thrive in warm sparkling clear waters, of intoxicating Jamaican rum, of rhythmic drumbeats, of sweet smelling cinnamon and cocoa more..

Sheikhs and souks, Bedouins on camel back and shiny Mercedes Benz cars, sand dunes and dhows – the Middle east is study in contrasts with Dubai being the centre more..

Galapagos Islands
An archipelago of volcanic islands in a remote area off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands promises to be a holiday like no other. The animal life is varied and ranges from beautiful pink flamingoes and good-natured seals to wobbly toed penguins who shuffle about the jagged more..

Hawaii is simply lovely: powdery beaches beckon as does the lush vegetation of the islands. Every island in Hawaii maintains its own allure and charm. From the beautiful beaches on the Island of Maui to the manicured isle of more..

The Mediterranean promises sun drenched beaches and aquamarine waters juxtaposed against ancient civilizations that spring alive in the wonderful monuments that are just waiting to be more..

The Panama Canal is a great feat of engineering and links the Pacific and Caribbean Seas. Journey through amazing scenic beauty as your ship weaves its way through the more..

North Europe
The natural brilliance the British Isles and north Europe shines through. From the Irish experience of Cork and the elegant city of Dublin to the picturesque to the splendor of Versailles, north Europe is beautifully landscaped as well as steeped in more..

South America
South America is exciting to say the least. From the Rain Forests of the Amazon to the majestic views from the Andes, from rumba and the samba of Rio de Janeiro to the chaos of Buenos Aires, from the heights of Santiago to the Pampas in Argentina, South America is just waiting to be more..

Scandinavia & Russia
Discover the magnificence of Scandinavia and Russia –from the picturesque fjords of Norway and laidback city of Helsinki, Europe is a cauldron of contrasts where history and culture permeate through the spectacular natural more..

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