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Antarctica Tourism

Cool for more reasons than one, Antarctica appears to be a mass of extra terrestrial land placed in a neighborhood of pulsating life. A record holder for the highest, driest and the coldest continent on earth, its untouched avenues have intrigued explorers, researchers and tourists alike. Now, an increasing number of people want a glimpse of the little known forms of life that flourish in its compelling conditions.

Antarctica is not the easiest of places to travel to or the cheapest, but the greatest adventures are never planned on the cornerstones of luxury. So, do come here and explore the magic kingdom and be charmed by its beauty crafted in nothing but ice.

There are no time zones in Antarctica. Instead, most research stations just agree to use their home country's time zone or the time zone of the nearest landmass, such as South America or New Zealand. Scientists sending data to the rest of the world use Greenwich Mean Time.

Seals discovered Antarctica’s most popular drink the Antarctic Old Fashioned! The recipe? Add two cherry Life Savers to equal amounts of snow and whiskey, and serve over glacier ice. Bottoms up!

Antarctica is the driest continent, hardly receiving 2 inches rainfall annually. In fact the ‘Dry Valley’ region has not received rainfall in over 2 million years!

Only 0.4% of the continent is not covered in ice.

Dogs have been banned from Antarctica to protect the seal population.

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