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Imagine two in a sensual tango, an evocative Evita longing for her country, soccer spectators screaming "goal" in ecstasy, the gaucho astride his horse on the pampas - and you've got an essence of the zest for life that binds Argentinians. Called the "Land of Fire and Ice" by many, Argentina abounds in contrasts - teeming cities and desolate Patagonia, ski slopes and beaches, natural and man-made wonders, sophistication and simplicity. If you are waiting to find a destination where you will not be caught in a stampede of tourists, look no further.

Hiking, skiing, nightlife, shopping, adventure sports, birdwatching and food are just some of the thrills the country has to offer. Buenos Aires, the pulsating and throbbing city, is the capital. Also called "grimy Paris", it is the centre of the country’s trade and industry. The fast pace of the city lets up only for the afternoon siesta. The curiosity, passion and fervour simmering in the very atmosphere is bound to make this a very memorable holiday.

Argentina is a beautiful country with beautiful people and a predilection towards the good life - They produce intoxicating wine, love to tango, their women are extremely looks conscious spending a lot on keeping themselves looking beautiful and everyone loves soccer!

The hottest and coldest temperatures ever recorded in South America have occurred in Argentina – no wonder is called the Land of Fire and Ice!

Argentina is so expensive that Argentines delight in taking a holiday in cheap destinations such as the USA!

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