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There are no two ways about it: Buenos Aires is a sexy, sensual city. Love, passion, and power radiate from Argentina's capital and largest city. It is a frenetic, hyperactive and pulsating city. Blame it on the tango - this sensual, erotic dance pulsates through the city's consciousness, morning, noon, and night.

Buenos Aires in Spanish means “fair winds”, which explains why it is the main port of Argentina. Situated in Eastern Argentina, the city of Buenos Aires runs along a wide fennel shaped bay called Rio de la Plata. A truly modern city, Buenos Aires has very few old structures left. The central part of the city retains its original lay out, perhaps the reason why one still finds narrow one-way streets in this area. The rest of the city owes its beauty to state of the art buildings, broad lanes and lots of parks, all of which add to the sense of spaciousness in the city.

“Barrios”, or residential areas, can be seen in the northwestern, western and southern parts of the city. Each barrio has its own schools, churches, grocery stores, bakeries, meat markets and shopping malls. Most barrios have a cosmopolitan populace and La Boca is especially eye-catching with its beautiful houses and fancy Italian restaurants.

While in Buenos Aires, take a lesson or two in learning to tango – there are many dancing schools in the city where you can enroll for a class or two.

In Buenos Aires, spend an afternoon sipping a cup of freshly ground coffee washing it down with a crispy medialuna which is an Argentinian croissant. A good place to do this is at the Café Tortoni, which is the city’s oldest café and very popular hangout.

While walking down a street, watch out for dog poop – Argentines love to keep dogs as pets, but unfortunately do not clean up the mess they make!

Don’t be surprised to see waiters whizzing past you on the streets precariously balancing trays of coffee -Buenos Aireans love their coffee and it is cheaper to order out than brew at home or in the office. Café owners have picked up on this coffee addiction of the city residents and offer free home or office delivery to perk up their lives!

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