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Best Time to Visit Cairns

If you want to visit Cairns, the best time to do so is from April through September. Why? Because the weather is brilliant, the water activities are plenty and the floor is all set for popular festivals and events to envelop you in their celebratory spirit. The clear and luminous skies combined with pleasant ocean air currents and dry weather allows travellers to give in to their adventurous side. Water and beach activities can be enjoyed to the fullest, including scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef during the winter months.

You’ll find many interesting events in the months of May, August and especially September. While August brings out the brilliance of the seas through the Underwater Film Festival, May pays a lyrical tribute to ‘blues’ music in the form of the Cairns Blues festival. September, on the other hand, treats its tourists to Festival Cairns, Cairns Buskers and Comedy Festival and Reggaeton Festival, which must be attended while you are there.

November through March are the months that you must avoid if you really want to appreciate all that Cairns has to offer. The weather is soggy and gloomy because of the onset of tropical monsoons in the region, which in turn, also becomes the cause for disruption of rail and road access to the city. Due to the fear of attack from Marine Stringers, also known as Box Jellyfish and Sea Wasp, the water activities are also put on halt during these months. On top of it all, the assault of the tropical cyclones in the months of November-May, only adds to the misery.

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