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Darwin is a city with pretty white houses, swathed in startling pink bougainvillea, crisscrossed by walking trails and dotted with parks and gardens - a city which has a distinctly Asian feel to it. And with good reason, too - for Darwin, the northernmost of Australia's capitals, is actually much closer, physically, to South Asia than it is to more `Western' cities in the country.

Darwin is the heart of the 'Top End' - the Aussies' affectionate term for the Northern Territory- and too many visitors to this city use it only as a base for exploring the more exotic parts of the state. Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park are within stone's throw of Darwin, as are a series of other excellent wildlife parks; but that doesn't mean Darwin itself is totally bereft of attractions. This is a city with a number of good museums, parks, gardens and galleries; it's a city where you can spend a couple of days just wandering through the streets, getting a feel of its multi-cultural identity.

Yes, Darwin certainly deserves to be more than just a stopover. So travel to Darwin. Give it a try.

Darwin is the proverbial melting pot where you will find people of 54 different nationalities all living together in perfect harmony!

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