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Australia's biggest attraction is undoubtedly the Great Barrier Reef, now a protected marine park. The World Heritage Site lists the Great Barrier Reef as a rare heritage area and a marine sanctuary.

The different hues of the corals, the strange vividly coloured fish and swaying plant life creates a kaleidoscope for divers, snorkelers and people viewing from underwater observatories and glass-bottomed boats.

Nothing we say can prepare you for the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef. You have to experience it yourself!

Great Barrier Reef can actually been seen from outer space!

Did you know that Sea Turtles do not have a sex when they are laid; their sex is determined by the heat of the temperature of the sand on which they are laid. The hotter it is - temperature of more than 27ºC (80º F) it will turn out to be female and cooler sands produce males!

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