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The Great Ocean Road or the B100 is one of the most majestic drives in the world. Running right along the southern coast of Victoria, it meanders along the sea from Melbourne to Adelaide and is witness to changing landscapes, spectacular views and charming seaside towns. The second most favourite destination for travellers to Victoria after picturesque Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road wends its way along roughhewn cliffs, past windswept beaches and coves and through thick rainforest and wood tracts. The sheer cliffs and wind buffeted rocky formations in the deeply indented coastline have gained it notoriety as 'the shipwreck coast' with over 100 ships sinking to a watery grave after straying onto the rocks during storms or in the thick mist that shrouds the shoreline. To get a grand view of Australia, don't miss this drive. Rent a car and drive the distance. The roads are relatively safe, and for the most part sealed, though speed limits are high on the highways. Just keep the blood alcohol level under 0.05% and you shouldn't have a problem. All kinds of fuel is available but distances between service stations can sometimes be long and fuel could be expensive, so carry extra. So take a trip along the Great Ocean Road and get beguiled by charming little towns on the coast. It’s a heady experience.

The Twelve Apostles are a stack of limestone rock formations near Apollo bay, along the coastline of Port Campbell National Park on the Great Ocean Road. These fascinating rocks rise out of the sea and it is said that they formed 10 to 25 million years ago. It is believed that the binding element of these rocks is calcium which is has been formed from the bones of dead sea creatures! Though originally they were twelve in number, a few of them have eroded with time and some say today there are only seven left standing. The last rock collapsed quite recently in July 2005. Whatever the number, it is a fantastic sight to see them especially at dusk when the rocks take on a molten gold hue. Don’t MISS!

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