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Melbourne, a place where you question yourself… Could there be a heaven better than here?

For the three million people who call it home, Melbourne is a city of Victorian-era buildings, parks, gardens and leafy boulevards of which the inhabitants are justifiably proud. A city that is known for its multicultural coexistence, it’s vibrant yet doesn’t have the brash Sydney culture. A note of thanks to all the immigrants who have helped shape the city’s history. It is Australia’s second largest city and was founded in 1835, when John Batman (no relation to the comic strip) bought 240,000 hectares of land from the Aborigines of the Sutigalla clan on behalf of the Tasmanian-based Port Phillip Association. In return for their precious land, the Aborigines got tools, flour and clothing. The gold rush saw Melbourne thrive and become the financial and manufacturing centre of Australia. Since then, there has been a steady influx of people from all over the world enriching its city character.

Melbourne is located on the banks of the Yarra River which meander its way through the city of Melbourne past glass high-rises and proud old houses, wide tree-lined boulevards and pretty green parks. The city has a pleasant weather throughout the year and there are no extremes in temperature. But visitors must be prepared for sudden changes in the weather; the sun can be shining brightly one balmy summer day and you can wake up to a piercing chill in the air the next day. So, it is best to stay prepared for the unexpected. Fall is the best time of the year to be around because the days are long and warm – the perfect time to stroll in Melbourne’s many parks, gardens and watch the leaves wear autumnal colours.

Be careful when you go down the sidewalks of Melbourne, you might unknowingly step into dog poop. About 90 tonnes of poop is left on the streets every day. A Melburnian would know this!!

Melbourne is a city of tunnels – more than 50 tunnels run underground criss-crossing all over the city – almost like a parallel road system! Remnants of World War II...

You may as well go on explore the bars that are around. But know that the famous beer you may drink, Foster’s Large, was actually produced by two Americans.

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