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I feel Sydney is a realm... The harbour does something- its atmosphere and forms - it is a realm in which I can sink myself. - Lloyd Rees

If you walked down King's Cross, Paddington and Oxford Street, where would you be? London? And then, if you looked around and saw a towering white building, billowy and beautiful, curving up like the pristine sails of an old-time sailing vessel ? With an unbelievably blue sea beyond, and a bright sun shining up above? No; this isn't London, and London could probably never match the sheer exuberance, the completely uninhibited liveliness of this city: Sydney.

`The Queen of the Pacific Rim', Sydney is Australia's largest- and oldest- city. Ever since Captain Cook dropped anchor at Botany Bay, way back in 1778, Sydney's been an important city. This is one city which manages to combine a little bit of everything. Sydney is a city of Aborigine art galleries, of golden beaches and of pulsating nightlife; a cosmopolitan city where Asian, Greek, Italian and Oriental cultures fit neatly into one irresistible package.

Split in two halves and linked to each by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Harbour Tunnel, the city centre and places of tourist interest lie south of the harbour. This central area encompasses the Rocks and Circular Quay, two big attractions in Sydney. Darling Harbour gives Sydney its picturesque beauty and the Opera House on the sea front makes an instantly recognisable landmark. The sea, bays, coves and beaches, pretty parks and gardens provide wonderful natural vistas and make Sydney a very attractive city.

Sydney. So easy to fall in love with, even its waterfront is called Darling Harbour.

A resident of this city is known as a ‘Sydneysider’.

Manly Beach one of the most popular beaches of Sydney got its name because of the ‘manly’ physique of the aborigines that Captain Arthur Phillip saw there in 1788.

The world’s first society of cartoonists -- the Black and White Artists Society was formed in Sydney.

Interestingly the Coathanger is the local nickname for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Sydney Opera House, a UNESCO World Heritage Site even has an opera dedicated to it called the 'Eighth Wonder'.

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