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No one need say it. The Uluru or Ayers Rock is undoubtedly the most famous Australian landmark and its biggest tourist attraction. All visitors to down under, whether queen or commoner must stop by. Towering 348 metres above the surrounding scrubland this 3.6 km long rock is breathtaking. Standing mighty in the middle of nowhere, its red colour becomes deeper and deeper as the sunset and at dawn. It is thought that two-thirds of the Rock lies beneath the sand. Called Uluru by the local Anangu Aboriginal people, the rock is of great religious significance. The Aboriginal people own the park, but lease it permanently to the Federal Government.

Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta or the Olgas are another bunch of rocks 30 km to the west of Uluru. They are smaller and more rounded but perhaps even more impressive than the Uluru.

Kata Tjuta means many heads and is of sacred significance to the Mala Tjukarpa people. The tallest rock is Mt. Olga at 546 metres, which is taller than the Uluru. You can walk down the Valley of the Winds, which is a 7 km walk, or go on a train into the Olga Gorge. But if you want to walk on further west then it is another 1500km to Kalgoorlie and 200 km to Docker River, so unless you have a death wish, we wouldn't recommend that!

Uluru/ Ayers Rock: Climbing the rock, though allowed, goes against Aboriginal spiritual beliefs. The Aborigines call the people who climb the Ayers Rock, the 'Minga Mob'. Minga means ant and that’s how the climbers look from afar. Thanks to an increased awareness and respect for Aboriginal culture, the numbers of visitors climbing the rocks have declined.

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