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Best Time to Visit Vienna

If you are contemplating on the best time to visit Vienna, you can do so throughout the year. Vienna‘s social calendar is dotted with an array of festivals and events all year around, and there is not a single moment when some or the other activity isn’t inviting you to give it a try.

The summer season from June to August is considered the ideal time to visit Vienna as the skies are clear, the sun is shining bright, the weather is pleasant and a horde of summer events entice you to lose yourself in the festivity of it all. Summers are also the time to enjoy Vienna’s street culture and the bloom of flowers that mushrooms up in the entire city. If you are an ice-cream lover, you are in for a real treat- quite literally!! Summer-time is officially the best time to visit Vienna for music, dance and film enthusiasts as the period from May-August is jam-packed with events such as JazzFest Wien, Nova Rock Festival, Open-air Film Festival on Rathausplatz, ImPulsTanz-Vienna’s International Dance Festival, Danube Island Festival and Wiener Festwochen, delighting both, the aficionados of these crafts and those with ‘basic love of things’.

However, there are minor drawbacks of arriving in this city in summers. July and August is the peak tourist season, leading to escalated air fares and hotel tariffs. But, if you are absolutely bent on visiting this Austrian city in summers, make sure to reserve hotels well-in-advance before you arrive here. The local population during summer months is usually thin as its vacation time for the Austrians too, so if you were hoping to practice your newly acquired language skills, you might want to shift your visit to another season.

Winters in Vienna seems straight out of a dream. Shrouded in snow- or sometimes not, festive lights decorating each household you pass by, the sound of carols filling your ears at every nook and corner, friendly people eagerly awaiting Christmas and the spirit of the festival that can be felt in the atmosphere- need we say more? Perhaps this is the reason why people from the world over come to Vienna during the winter months of December-February, making these months as an extension of the peak tourist season. Or wait- maybe it’s the Christmas Markets that beckons them. While for many tourists, the world-famous New Year’s Concert, which is telecasted far and wide on television, also makes for a worthy-enough reason for a winter-time visit, the Ball Season in Vienna, which includes the Imperial Ball, makes people come waltzing into this picture-perfect city. In order to make your trip just about perfect- make sure to give skiing a try. However, winter tourist season in Vienna also suffers from high prices, just like its summer counterpart and is bitterly freezing, so plan accordingly.

If you are considering the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) months for a sojourn in this city- we say, absolutely! The splendour of Schonbrunn Castle is breath-taking during the spring-time and so are the rest of attractions that might be too crowded to even bother to visit in the high seasons of summer and winter. Spring also means that it’s time for the Vienna Spring Festival which takes place as long as spring lasts. Autumn, on the other hand, is a pure delight for your eyes, with pleasant weather greeting you all the way. Also, coming in the city during these months will ensure that you save money on your travel and will enable you to get the accommodation of your choice comfortably.

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