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Food in Bahrain

Arab food is usually spicy and strongly flavoured. Lamb is the principal meat followed by chicken, turkey and duck but pork is taboo. Salads and dips are common. Bahraini food cannot be enjoyed or served properly in restaurants, and you can get its real taste only if a Bahraini family invites you over for a meal. The staple diet comprises of fish, rice, fruits, dates, flat unleavened bread (khubz) and dairy products such as yogurt, white cheese and cream cheese (labneh). Bahraini curries are flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and lime, and are quite pungent. On special occasions sheep stuffed with rice, sultanas, spices and potatoes, or stuffed with chickens stuffed with eggs are prepared. Traditional sweets include rhua’ash (three-cornered pastries filled with crushed dates, nuts and sultanas); asalia (sweet puff pastry covered with honey sauce) and Bahraini pancakes.

Bahrain specializes in Asian food of Pakistan, India, Thailand and Philippines, along with Arab food. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are available, the latter in a bar. The common Arab drinks are water, strong Arabic coffee and tea, arak (aniseed flavoured grape spirit) and beer. Though sale of alcohol is not encouraged, you can get a drink in a bar.

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