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Bangladesh Tourism

Bangladesh has been in the news for its devastating cyclones. Yet, look beyond weather’s ravages and you’ll find the nation’s rivers and rituals, mosques and muslin, art and crafts have much to recommend it. Don’t be fooled by the smooth and urbane capital city, Dhaka – the smaller cities and villages are simple and even behind times. Bangladeshis are renowned for their hospitality and warmth – they’ll invite you home and treat you to their delectable cuisine. They are passionate about food, football, cricket, theatre and music – and if you’re wondering about the strange combination, their social ambit is wide and they are a broad-minded nation. Bangladesh is among the few Asian nations where religions coexist in harmony.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the place to be. Bengali cooking is also known for it's wide array of sweets made from milk. Rasho-gollah, kalo-jam, shandesh, mishti doi, shemai, chamcham......the names go on and on.

Business trips, official tours, family vacations or friends’ outing - travelling is an unavoidable, yet pleasurable part of life. ...

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