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Best Time to Visit Belgium

Due to a maritime climate, Belgium’s weather doesn’t bend over extremities. Summers are arid and hot, while winters are simply cold and snowy. Mid-April to mid-October is the best time to pay Belgium a visit with a slew of summer festivals that entices tourists from the world over. However, make sure you are well-equipped to tackle monsoons at all times as they are a banal occurrence throughout the year and can arrive unannounced in Belgium.

June to August is the summer season in Belgium, with autumn showing up from September onwards. Winters come next in line when the year reaches its end in December, finally giving way to the spring season from March-May. The peak tourist season in the country are the months of July and August, when the weather is at its hottest. However, the host of events and festivals which are spread over the summer months succeed in taking precedence over the sweltering heat. Keep in mind to make all travel arrangements in advance if planning a trip during summer months as spontaneity won’t be the order of the day then.

Summer months are also great for hiking or planning any outdoor activities in Ardennes. But, if you prefer beach to the hills, you can always head towards the coast for a dip or sun-bathing. You might find tourist traffic reaching alarming heights in Bruges, preventing you from acquiring a suitable accommodation if you haven’t done beforehand. Brussels, on the other hand is comparatively less ‘happening’ and finding a decent hotel with comparatively cheap tariffs won’t be a big deal here.

Autumn in Ardennes will be perfect to enjoy the hunting season with many a gastronomical delights that are on offer in the hills. But be wary of the month of April as it is the most unpredictable time in terms of weather. But, if you like the element of surprise, April won’t be a killjoy for you. Brussels in April is busier than other parts of the country, brining in its wake the music season of the city. But if you want to visit Tournai, September will be the hub of all activity.

Winter season isn’t an absolute favourite with many, but don’t underestimate the power of snow and chill, which can equally attract tourists as its summer equivalent. While winters at the coast may come with the spell of rain, the cities such as Ghent and Bruges transform into the perfect regions to ski. Ardennes in winters is best for cross-country skiing, whereas Brussels looks up to depressing skies.


The climate varies slightly from region to region. On the coastline, it is humid and mild in general, moderated all year round by the maritime influences of the North Sea. The Ardennes highlands, on the other hand, swing from hot during the summer to snowy winters with heavy rains during April and November. Fog, a regular feature of Belgian weather, especially in the Ardennes and the north coast, often disrupts visibility.

May to September is really the best season, warm and pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from about 18 º C in May to roughly 21 ºC in August. In winter, the mercury drops to as low as – 2 º C. Whatever time you do decide to go be sure to carry an umbrella and a sweater!

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