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Getting around in Belgium

Getting around Belgium is convenient and entirely affordable by all standards.

The one department where the Belgian transport system lacks completely is airways: there are no domestic air services between cities, and once your plane lands in Belgium or Antwerp, its land transport all the way.

The most popular mode of transport is train and the country has an extensive and very efficient rail network. The InterCity and the Inter Regional local lines connect most places very well.

Buses are a good option, especially when you have to get into the deep interior’s more obscure locations.

If you want to rent a car and drive on your own, that’s a great idea too because Belgium has excellent and well-lit toll free expressways, although city streets can have pot holes at times. You must drive on the right, but overtake from the left. Road signs are in the language of the respective region, so check up how city names will figure in a certain language before you start.

You are the adventurous and sporting kind? Then rent yourself a bike and ride on smoothly in Belgium’s special bike lanes. The gentle and mostly flat topography of the northern part makes it the best region to use up this mode.

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