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Think Bermuda and pictures of palm-lined, sun kissed beaches washed over by frothy waves of the Caribbean Sea…no, not the Caribbean Sea. Though most people place Bermuda somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, in reality it lies somewhere in the Western Atlantic Ocean. But fear not, the palm shaded beaches and warm blue waters are here all right.

The distinctive Bermudan allure is hard to place – the legacy of the British colonial rule is evident as are the traces of American culture. Don’t be surprised if you see business men dressed in squeaky clean shirts toped with jackets and ties, contrasting with the typical Bermuda shorts.

There’s enough to do on these tiny, islands, barely 21 square miles in land area – admiring the unique marine life and bird life, tapping to the omnipresent music, savouring the delectable dishes and acquiring that gorgeous bronze tan.

Bustling, beautiful, bizarre…that’s Bermuda for you.

Bermuda Shorts’- the National dress of Bermuda, is the business attire for men. No I am not joking. You will see men in Bermuda shorts made of suit like material dressed with a shirt, tie, blazer and knee length socks usually adorned with the Bermuda Crest.

Visit the mystifying Bermuda Triangle where more than 100 ships and planes have vanished. Though several scientific and mythological explanations have been offered for these disappearances, the mystery of this zone remains unsolved!

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