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Brazil Travel Information

What to Pack

Travel light! The climate’s warm and people are informal – so why stuff your bag with clothes? Just throw in a pair of shorts, long pants, a couple of T-shirts, a bathing suit, towel, underwear, a long sleeved shirt and a light rain jacket. Light cottons are the best! You could always buy suntan lotion and sun protection cream if you feel your skin burning!

Travel Documents

Passport holders of Central African Republic, Comoros, Korea (DPR) and Taiwan will not be allowed entry into Brazil without a special permit (Laissez Passer) issued by Brazilian authorities. All nationals except those coming from Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay require passports. However, they must come into Brazil directly from their own countries and carry their national identity card. If you are a business traveler, you must have a visa. UK citizens traveling on business will be issued a visa on arrival provided they have proof of return journey and the stipulated amount of money for their stay. Business visas are valid for 90days but may be extended to 180 days. Proof of return journey and money to cover the length of stay is necessary.

All nationals require visas except (1) the nationals mentioned above for passport exemptions (2) the nationals belonging to EU countries (3) transit passengers who do not leave the airport and have proof of onward journey (4) nationals of Andorra, Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Iceland, Leichtenstein, Monaco, Morocco, Namibia, Norway, Peru, Philippines, San Morino, Slovenia, South Africa, Surinam, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Vatican City and Venezuela for tourist stays up to 90 days. Cost of tourist and business visas differ. For details, please contact the Consulate.

IMPORTANT: There are special clauses for a traveler below the age of 18. If he/she is traveling unaccompanied by both parents, a birth certificate is necessary in English/Spanish/French/Portuguese. When traveling alone, an authorization from both/one parent authorizing the journey must be presented. This must contain the name and address of the person in Brazil who will be responsible for the minor in Brazil. If the parents are divorced/deceased, custody papers must be presented.

Always check updated visa requirements with the closest foreign mission prior to travel.

Tourist info Centers

Embratur Office (Rio de Janeiro) Rua Uruguaina, 174 8 Andar – Centro Rio De Janeiro/ RJ CEP-20050-092 Telephone: +55 21 509-6017 (tourist information) Fax: +55 21 509 7381 or -7489

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