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Best Time to Visit Bulgaria

The best time to visit Bulgaria is in the summer , around July or August; that’s when it’s least cold and the average temperatures stay around 30 degree Celsius. It is very pleasant and rarely gets very hot. Spring (April and May) with average temperature of 23 degree Celsius and autumn (September and October) with an average temperature of 17 degree Celsius is a good times to be in the country, if you don’t mind the slightly chilly weather. What’s particularly good about visiting Bulgaria in the spring or autumn is that it’s off-season and you won’t find yourself being jostled about by crowds of fellow tourists. Winter (December to April) is good only if you like winter sports- especially skiing- and don’t mind the cold.

Bulgaria hosts its most famous event- The Festival of Masquerade Games in Pernik in the month of January. People from all over Europe and other parts of the world come to attend and join the festivities.


The climate of Bulgaria is temperate, and typically continental. The winters are cold and damp, with the bulk of the year’s precipitation falling in the winter months, mainly in the form of snow.

Summers tend to be hot and comparatively dry, although the weather is generally somewhat cooler in the mountains than it is in the plains. Spring in April and May are good months as the weather is bracing, albeit a little chilly. In the autumn season September - October, again the climate is good with cool days and evenings getting chilly.

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