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Burkina Faso Tourism

Burkina Faso is blessed with a stable government, providing it with the atmosphere for economic and social growth. Though most of the people live below the poverty line, the capital, Ougadougou will pamper you with all amenities. Once upon a time a French colony, urban Burkina Faso still adheres to many French customs. Most importantly, the official language is French and it may be a good idea to carry English to French dictionary if you are not conversant with the language. The people outside the main towns still cling to their traditions and are fun loving and hospitable despite their poverty.

Burkina Faso flag with two equal horizontal lines of red and green and a five pointed yellow star has a meaning. The yellow symbolises guiding light. The green represents richness. The red symbolises socialism.

The national motto is “Unity, Progress and Justice”. Burkina Faso is also known as the "land of the honest people."

Respect forms a very important part of the culture in Burkino Faso, so it is proper to greet someone even on the road as failure to do so is considered very rude.

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