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Cambodia Tourism

The South East Asian kingdom of Cambodia has as rich and as ancient a cultural heritage as its neighbours Thailand and Vietnam and it’s time travellers discovered destinations other than Pattaya, Phuket and Bali in South East Asia. Cambodia has some truly spectacular sights to see - the capital, Phnom Penh with an old-world French colonial charm to it; and the spectacular temple complex of Angkor Wat, easily the grandest one even in this part of the world with its sprinkling of temple complexes.

Cambodia has many treasures that you must come and discover for yourself!

Cambodia is home to the spectacular temple complex Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat covers a distance of 400 sq km (including the surrounding forest) and is considered the largest pyramid structure in the entire Asian continent. Many also know Angkor wat as the eighth wonder of the world.

Cambodia didn’t evolve into a popular tourist destination recently, with first tourists setting a foot in the year 1907 during the French rule.

Phnom Penhers usually don't know the street numbers. So in order to reach a destination, its a common practice to point out the nearest landmark. A map, therefore, is an essential tool here.

In 2005, oil and natural gas reserves were discovered off the coast in Cambodia.

The movie ‘The Killing Fields’ is based on the life of Dith Pran, a Cambodian reporter

Tonle River in Cambodia is the only one of its kind which reverses its flows as per summer and rainy seasons.

Cambodia, along with Laos and Vietnam, was a part of the French Indochina.

One last word of advice: when talking to Cambodians, don’t discuss any political issues- it’s a very sensitive topic and could ruffle some feathers.

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