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Wild and beautiful, cosmopolitan and prosperous, Canada is a paradox in more than one way. The second largest country in the world, Canada has only 29 million people who despite the 10 provinces and 2 territories live mostly in two areas -Quebec and Ontario. Cities where they exist are large, busy and multi-ethnic -- you can hear a babble of tongues and see faces from different nationalities. But wander into the forest or the frozen tundra and you may hear no human voices except your own.

Quiz fans and trivia lovers will be thrilled to know that Canada is where the game of Trivial Pursuits was devised as also the all-important zipper. Insulin was discovered here, as was the use of cobalt for treating cancer. Environmentalists will already know that Canada is where the powerful Greenpeace group was born. All you folks going ga-ga over the radio, know that a lot of battery-less radio technology was developed first in Canada! Science buffs, did you know that the electron microscope, the snowmobile, chainsaw, snowplough and snowblower were all invented in Canada? So, don't wait too long to visit Canada, the country of many firsts!

It is believed that the name Canada has been derived from "kanata” community or village, a Huron-Iroquis word and harks back to the days when the country consisted of trading posts. Visitors will find plenty to be enthralled by in Canada - some of the world's best natural vistas, great, fun-filled cities and warm and friendly people. Space is certainly not at a premium here and you can go do your own thing -- people-watching, sight-seeing, adventure sports, nature treks. Be what you want to be in Canada and go where your heart commands you here…

Canada has the world’s longest coastline at 202,080 kms.

With close to 3 million lakes, Canada is reputed to have the maximum number of lakes in the world!

The second largest country in the world by total area, including land and water bodies, Canada has little over 3 people per sq km, which is one of the lowest densities of population in the world. To top it all Canada also has one of the highest standard and quality of living too!

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