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Appealing, prosperous Calgary is Canada's bold and beautiful corporate face. The city is home to several major corporate houses and was built up by the oil boom! If you were ever to appear in a quiz show and are asked: Which city in Canada has the maximum number of young singles? Which is the second largest city in Canada? Which was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympics in 1988? Where is Canada's largest zoo? Have no doubt that the answer is Calgary.

Yes, siree, modern, hip Calgary is a young-at-heart city, great for relaxing, enjoying the riverside attractions and letting your hair down, especially during the boisterous, fun-filled Calgary Stampede Festival!

Come rain, snow or shine, it is easy as pie to get around Downtown Calgary as it almost entirely connected by enclosed skywalks and tunnels, - so you don’t have to step out in the freezing cold or snow. A most pleasant way of going around the town, wouldn’t you say?

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