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Eating Out in Macau

Considering the small size of the city, Macau is surprisingly big on the dining and entertainment scene! Eating out in Macau is a gastronomic delight. The food available in Macau is a delightfully intriguing mix of flavours, with everything from Goan to African influences being thrown into the cooking pot. The Portuguese picked up food habits wherever they went, just as they influenced the cultures of these places; Macau’s cuisine benefits from all this giving and taking and comes to today’s traveller as a gastronomic surprise of exceeding pleasantness.

If you are looking to savour authentic Portuguese cuisine, try Fernando’s at Hac Sa Beach which has garnered dedicated diners despite the absence of air conditioning. The Chorizo should be the first item on your plate because it’s touted to be the best delicacy served here.

Gourmands fond of romantic French cuisine can dine in the elegant and elite Robuchon a Galera at the Lisboa Hotel , where cooking is an art and food is the reflection of a cook’s imagination. For a slice of Italy, enter the Il Teatro at Wynn Macao , where you can dig into the true Italian flavours while enjoying the sights of Performance Lake.

There is no dearth of entertainment in Macau. This is the city that never sleeps with some bars and casinos open all night. Visit the Docas (the Docks) to spend a lively evening - this waterfront area spills over with restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs which remain open until the wee hours of the morning. Music of different genres is played in the many restaurants and bars in this area, from retro to pop to trance – so whatever your mood you will find a café or bar that plays your kind of music! If you want to watch a flashy cabaret over a drink, you can catch one at any of the good hotels in the city. Don’t miss the Crazy Paris Show if it’s a cabaret you want to watch.

Gamblers of the world come together in Macau – over 20 million visitors come to this city which is labeled the Las Vegas of the East. Many of the big hotels like the Venetian, Lisboa, Mandarin and the Hyatt have grand casinos attached to them and one can indulge in Roulette, Poker, Black Jack or Baccarat to satisfy the gambling urge that takes over when in Macau. There are slot machines all over the city and the clinking sound of money draws even the non gambler- so beware!

Besides the bars and casinos, you can ride the glass elevator up to the top of the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment and dine at the fabulous revolving restaurant there while watching the twinkling city lights below. For a culture vulture an opera show at the Macau Cultural Centre is bound to enthrall.


Don’t forget to tip your waiter or bellboy in Macau. A significant tradition, tipping contributes to nearly 10% of the total bill in most of the hotels and restaurants in the peninsula.

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