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Festivals and Events in Macau

Festival extravaganzas are scattered rather liberally through the calendar year.

Chinese New Year marks the inception of annual celebrations in January and February. This is the biggest festival and a time of festivity. Most shops and offices are shut for a few days and the people rejoice by dancing on the streets and visiting temples.

Lantern Festival is held a few days later and its arrival is conspicuous as shops, residences, restaurants, temples and streets are illuminated with beautiful lanterns.

The festivals of A-Ma and Tam Kung temple unfurl the traditions and cultural colours at the peninsula in the month of April. Devotees and tourists gather outside the temples to attend theatrical performances that bring legends to life.

The Dragon Boat Festival in May normally is a spectacle of style, grace and furious rowing. Participants racing their boats against the local and foreign opponents at the Nam Van lake make this event an action-packed spectacle for the tourists.

Macau Arts Festival in May is a time to celebrate talent when artists across the globe land at the peninsula to showcase diverse performances. During this period auditoriums are booked with shows lined up with mesmerizing presentations for the entire day. Opting for advance reservations is recommended.

Macau Grand Prix and Macau Food Festival figures out on the top of the list of events in the month of November. Watch cars in action at the Guia Circuit or leap onto a new gastronomic height at Sai van lake Square, the choice is entirely yours to make.

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