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Shopping in Macau

Macau is a treasure trove where shopping is concerned. From luxury items, 24 carat gold jewellery, to antiques and funky clothes - all is available and at great prices. Macau is particularly good when it comes to hunting for bargains on clothes. After all Macau is where most of the clothing you get in USA and Europe are sourced from!

Go to Senado Square to pick up a range of clothing - from baby dresses to haute couture copies, jeans to shoes and fake designer handbags – this is the place where you will be tempted to buy everything you can lay your hands on. Be sure to visit the interesting Red market which is basically a food market and if you are looking for upmarket items carry on from here to Avenida Horta e Costa , a street that is lined with shops filled with designer items.

For intricately handmade Chinese handicrafts there are many shops near the Senado Square that stock these. For bargain shopping deals visit the Three Lamps area which is packed with tiny shops selling all kinds of wares.

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