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Best Time to Visit Cuba

The best time to visit Cuba is between December and April. The weather at this time is very pleasant and dry. The temperature at night can even drop down to below 20 degrees in these months.

The tourist peak season runs from December to April, peaking around Christmas and on Easter weekend. The Cubans vacation in June and July so the beaches are crowded in those months. It’s also fairly warm and wet during that time. July to October is the off season and is not recommended for travel as the weather can get very warm, humid and wet. From June onwards the hurricanes season also begins and sometimes it carries on till November.

Cuba’s greatest festivals coincide with the good weather season. February-March is the time for livin’ it up in Havana at the Carnival that extends over the weekend in end Feb beginning March. February is also the month for the Journadas de la Cultura Camagneyana (first two weeks) and the Havana International Jazz Festival (every alternate year). Baracoa has its cultural extravaganza in April, which is also the month that Varadero hosts the Electro Acoustic Music Festival.

May brings the rains as also the Romeria de Mayo in Holguin. As the rainy season progresses so does the events calendar with The Fiestas Sanjunares at Trinidad in end June, the Festival of Caribbean Culture in June or July, the Santiago de Cuba carnival in the last two weeks of July and the first week of August The last three months of the year are dedicated to the Caribbean culture with the Havana Festival of Contemporary Music in October, the Semana de la Cultura Trinitaria in the Trinidadian November, and the annual International Festival of Latin American Film in December at Havana.


Cuba’s climate is typical of the hot subtropical region. Extreme humidity and a blazing sun characterise the weather all year round. Relative humidity hovers between 75% and 95% through the year, the only respite coming in the cooler months between January and April. The worst time in terms of climatic conditions is in the period between August and November when the island is often whipped by hurricanes. The rainy season lasts from May to October. June, July and August are the warmest months with day temperatures exceeding 30°C; night temperatures hover in the region of 20 - 25°C. Between December and April day temperatures are around 25°C and nights are pleasant at an average of 17°C.

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