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“Prague won't let you go, the little mother has claws" so said Kafka. The lovely city of Prague, with its cobbled streets, stone bridges and city squares, its characteristic Gothic architecture, its Jewish quarter and tragic past of Nazi repression and the Soviet invasion keeps visitors enthralled.

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is situated on the bank of the River Vltava, which splits the city into two halves. Prague is one of the loveliest cities, not just in the Czech Republic, but also in all of Europe. Where other cities like Paris and London have their beauty hidden behind a façade of modernity, Prague still retains its quaint charm; its bridges, cathedrals, palaces and buildings are just as beautiful as they were when first built during the glorious years of the European Renaissance, six centuries ago. Visit Prague just to feast your eyes on the architecture of the city- a culture vultures dream, it has some of the most stunning examples of Western European architecture, unscathed by the passage of time, restored after being damaged during the two World Wars and having outlasted the communist regime.

But that’s not to say that Prague has nothing else to offer- it’s actually a great place to go shopping. Bohemian crystal is, of course, the most popular item on every one’s shopping list, but there's plenty of good art and handicrafts to be bought. The city’s nightlife is among the liveliest in East Europe. Whatever the reason you go to the city, you’ll probably discover- as thousands of visitors do- that it’s one of the most exciting in Europe.

Prague Castle is listed by Guinness World Records as the largest castle in the world covering an area of 18 acres!

From Charles Bridge a pedestrian zone get a breathtaking view of the brightly lit Prague castle at dusk!

Don't forget to checkout the Nationale-Nederlanden building here. It is nicknamed as 'Dancing House' as the building resembles a pair of dancers?

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