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Fairy tales and football matches. Delicious pastry. A bronze mermaid sitting on a rock, looking out over a city. Fierce Vikings and Lego… there’s not one slot into which Denmark and its people can be conveniently put. This is the country where the feared Vikings came from, traveling in their longboats to distant shores; and this is, too, the land of Hans Christian Andersen whose fairy tales enthrall children even today.

Denmark is a country with a long and interesting history, a vibrant culture; but it’s also a nation that is fiercely proud of the fact that it’s a modern and developed nation, one of the most prosperous countries of West Europe. With such a combination, it’s hardly surprising that Denmark is pretty popular on tourist itineraries.

Denmark was the first European country to legalize same-sex marriages and also to provide equal rights to gay couples as for heterosexual couples in 1989.

One of the strange laws of Denmark is that the restaurants cannot charge you for the water unless you order some other item with it such as ice or lemon slice.

What comes to your mind when you hear about “The Little Mermaid”,” The Ugly Duckling” and “The Emperor’s Clothes”? Brings back the old memories of your childhood, Right? Well, all these tales were written by a Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen and these tales have been translated into more languages more than any other book in the whole world except of the Bible.

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