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Copenhagen, or Købnhavn, as the Danish call it, is not just the capital of Denmark, but also the largest city in the country. Located on the islands of Zealand and Amager, the city is an industrial centre, and a hub for both trade and transport. However, despite its importance as an industrial city, Copenhagen is far from intimidating - there are no skyscrapers, no ugly factories belching smoke, none of the frenzied bustle you’re likely to find in a lot of other cities. This is a city of parks, gardens, fountains, old streets, medieval buildings, quiet squares - and the world’s longest pedestrian mall.

But that isn’t all. Copenhagen also offers a lively entertainment scene, with perhaps the most vibrant nightlife in all of Scandinavia. It’s a delightfully cosmopolitan city, conveniently located with extremely warm and hospitable people.

It is said that Mermaids live for 300 years and then they turn into sea form. Copenhagen’s most famous attraction “The Little Mermaid”, sits there on a rock since 1913, so we need not worry as we will see this little sculpture for many more years to come.

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