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Food in Djibouti

Food in Djibouti ranges from French haute cuisine found inside the more posh restaurants to the typically North African fare you are most likely to come across on the streets. Generally, there is a good range of dishes, and the traveler need have no problem in finding tasty and filling food on his/her visit there. Popular ingredients are lentils, fried meat (especially chicken) and unleavened bread. Red Sea fish, consumed baked, grilled or barbecued is usually delicious and is prepared in the local way, usually accompanied by a spicy sauce. As far as drinks go, being a teetotaler would be an ideal traveler profile in Djibouti.

Alcohol is not widely available, nor is drinking a social activity in this Islamic country. The Djibouti alternative to standard intoxication is a plant known as qat that is grown in the Highlands and acts as a mild stimulant.

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