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Ecuador Tourism

Ecuador offers you the unique opportunity to sit back in your seat and take in the magic of the white sand beaches, the Andean Mountains and the rain forest, all within two days. Take a plane from Quito (9360ft), the capital city, and in 30 minutes you would have crossed over the snow clad Andes and reached the Amazon basin. Many visitors to this country still go into raptures recalling their journey from the Amazon to the rain forest lodges by boat, and the endless hours they spent exploring the jungle in canoe boat or merely walking.

Lying along the equator, this land has remarkable biodiversity and is prone to seismic activity. You can explore the country’s natural beauty in any way that pleases you – go bird-watching in cloud forests or maybe just walk in the Galapagos--- you could even try river rafting for a truly wild experience.

Bet you always thought the Panama hat was named after Panama – Surprise, surprise! The straw hats actually came from Ecuador and were shipped to the US through the Panama Canal.

On 29 June every year the night before the San Pedro and San Pablo festivals, don’t be surprised to see women jumping over bonfires lit on the streets. It is said that women who want to fall pregnant should jump over them and maybe nine months later they would produce a baby!

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