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Pharaohs, pyramids, papyrus and the Ptolemies—Egypt has seen them all and more—this makes it one of the most exciting destinations in Africa. The legacy of a 6000-year old history is worn like a proud badge by this country, which boasts some of the most spectacular archaeological treasures existing in the world today—from the Sphinx at Giza to the marvels of Tutankhamen’s tomb. It is truly a land where the monument building instincts of man seem to have been on permanent overdrive!

Nature too, has been more than generous here, from the life giving Nile to the brilliant Red Sea coral reefs. For this combination of manmade and natural beauty, Egypt has stirred the imagination of travellers from all over the world—from Alexander the Great and the vandalizing Romans to the plundering tomb-raiders who arrived at the turn of this century from Europe. Through all these invasions, Egyptian culture has not only survived, but flourished -a testament of its inner vitality and resilience.

Today, Egypt is a country of contrasts, from its chaotic and over-populated cities to the vast deserts holding ancient secrets in their wombs.

The Sphinx lost it's nose in 1798 when Napolean soldiers used it for target practice.

Silver was considered more valuable then gold in Ancient Egypt.

In ancient times the houses of Egyptians were made up of dried mud bricks, only the temples for gods were made out of stone.

In ancient Egypt cat was a symbol of fertility and sexuality, because of which egyptians painted their eye to mimic those of cats. They used to love their pet cats so much that if a cat dies they would shave off their eyebrows and mourn until their eyebrows grew back.

Egyptians were the first to use pigeons as messengers.

The longest reigning king in Egypt was Pepy II. He became King when he was only six years old and ruled until he was 94.

The Egyptians of yore had very forward thinking – did you know they have a history of firsts? First to invent the comb, scissors, lock, paper, key, makeup, beer and even toothpaste and tooth brush! Incidentally makeup and cosmetics were invented not for beauty purposes initially, but as a protection for their alabaster skin. They also invented the art of writing with ink and paper.

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