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People and Society of El Salvador

The diversity so celebrated by other Central America countries is lacking here. The indigenous population, the Pipil Indians, was forced to give up their lands and work as laborers on the coffee plantations. By 1880’s the inhumane work conditions had wiped out most of the Indian population. The small percentage that managed to survive was brutally slaughtered by the government in 1932 when they were suspected of being involved in anti-government activities. Today, the Indian population forms a small, negligible portion of the total population that is more mestizo in their way than ladino. Traces of Indian culture can be found in some pockets in the western region of the country.

Majority of the population, 90% is mestizo (Spanish and Indian descent), about 9% of the population is of European descent and only 1% traces their ancestry to the indigenous population.

Spanish is the popular medium of conversing though you’ll catch traces of Nahua in conversations.

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