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El Salvador Tourism

Plagued with years of internal strife, El Salvador has a long and bloody history. In recent years, since the nine-year ceasefire, El Salvador is slowly but surely tottering back to its feet. The stark cultural differences characteristic of most Central American counties is sadly lacking here. Most indigenous culture has been destroyed; first by the colonizers and then the years of civil war that played havoc with the culture, society, economy and politics of the country.

The natural beauty of the country is astounding – majestic hills, lush green terrain and meandering rivers. However, El Salvador has the highest level of environmental damage in Central America, and Nature's bounty is under serious threat of destruction. Its rivers are clouded with pollution and there is large-scale deforestation.

Despite the fact that El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, the region is densely populated with 6 million inhabitants and offers the best surfing spots in the world. Moreover the country has the third largest economy in the whole of Central America. Seems lot for the small country!

El Salvador is also known as the ‘land of volcanoes’ with about 25 active and recurring volcanoes.

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