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Don't be scared off by slanderous stories about the "stiff British upper lip"... far from being foreigner-phobic, the English today are a cosmopolitan lot who have a whole new attitude towards those travelers who hike up to their nation. A pot pourri of ethnicities, religions, languages and cultures showcases the tremendous capacity of the British people for peaceful assimilation and coexistence. This, despite their 'colonial' reputation!

Although issues such as abortion, homosexuality and living in together are still not widely accepted, pockets of England are surprisingly liberal. Manchester, for example, has a nightlife that is famous for its bustling gay/lesbian nightclub scene.

The cricket - crazy English also love a good game of rugby or football. If you don't believe it, just venture into Lord's during the World Cup and you'll see the frenzy of these folks.

The English still value their history and heritage, although they are becoming more open to political criticisms about their governments and foreign policies. But even to this day, their passion for all things royal is unparalleled. The public fascination with the lives, loves and losses of the glamorous Royal Family members - right from the tragic death of Princess Diana to the 18th birthday of Prince William - is a true indicator of their attachment to relics of their past heritage.

These English speaking people are steeped in the arts: literature, poetry, painting and sculpture. High Society revolves around theatre and gourmet arts - every village / town has its art studios where the locals exhibit their works. It is a country that works hard, pints at the pub and goes home for Yorkshire pudding. The people are fair and the English belief in justice is strong. They are punctual and polite; reserved, but helpful.

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