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"When you are tired of London, you are tired of life" - Samuel Johnson

London is definitely where history happened - but that doesn’t mean this world capital is not out to conquer the future. London has an aura of immortality about it. London - through its 2000 years of living history - has seen much political and military upheaval through the centuries, and is now the nerve centre of world commerce, culture and fashion. London is today brimming with culture, entertainment and shopping and traditions - the likes of which you haven’t seen before.

London also means Living it Up like never before. "Living it up", of course, could mean anything you want it to - the pubs and theatre at night, power breakfasts and business lunches, cruising on the Thames or having high tea at the Savoy.

A heady and inimitable blend of modernity, culture, tradition and technology - London is the mother of all tourist paradises. From the Tower of London to Buckingham Palace, from the bustle of Soho to the classy casinos of Mayfair, from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Millennium Dome, from feeding the pigeons at Trafalgar Square to browsing through the British Museum - London is a city that has something for every body, no matter what your interest.

Prepare to become prisoner to London's charms….

Most people believe that the ‘Big Ben’ is the name of the world famous clock or the tower that houses it. Well, this is not true. ’Big Ben’ actually refers to the13- ton bell and the tower that houses it, is known as St. Stephen’s Tower.

There are over 300 languages that are spoken in London owing to the fact that it is a multi-ethnic city and about 25% of the people living in London are not born here.

The London Underground is reputed to be one of the first and amongst the largest metro systems in the world!

Many famous people in the history of time were/are Londoners. Some of them are as follows: Charles Babbage, David Beckham, William Blake, Enid Blyton, Charles Chaplin, Geoffrey Chaucer, Daniel Defoe, Ian Fleming, E M Forster, Hugh Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, John Keats and Elizabeth Taylor.

If you are a theatre enthusiast, London is the city for you. The city is home to more than 100 theatres, keeping the craft of acting alive.

The origin of the popular nursery rhyme – ‘London Bridge is falling down’ is believed to be 1000 years old when Saxons damaged the London Bridge.

Due to the winding past of London which witnessed a number of invasions on its home front, the city was once known as ‘Londinium,’ ‘Lundenwic’ and ‘Lundenburg.’

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