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Stonehenge is inscribed on the World Heritage List and is located in the southern of England, in Salisbury. The history of Stonehenge dates back to 5,000 years when it was constructed by the Neolithic people. History says it all that Stonehenge was a ceremonial centre which related to fertility, death and rebirth. Today the ancient monument of Stonehenge is protected by the Scheduled Ancient Monument. Stonehenge reflects the culture, beliefs and the lifestyle of the prehistoric period. For the construction of Stonehenge, two chief stones were used- the 'bluestones' weighing four tons and the 'Sarsen' stones weighing twenty-five tons. The bluestones are the oldest among all the stones at Stonehenge and their original place has been changed many a times since then. The stones have travelled 2,000 miles from the Preseli Hills in Wales. Just before you enter the monument from the north estern point, you will see the amazing Heel stone. The Heel stone is famous for its spectacular views of sunrise and millions of tourists are found enjoying the views. The Altar stone too is of a major importance. Spend the entire day walking the Stonehenge landscape, admiring the Neolithic monument. Depicting the typical Bronze Age Culture, the Stonehenge takes you back to the myths and mysteries related to how the monument was built and what significant changes did it undergo during all these years. It surely is a must visit!

Best time to visit

The best times to visit the Stonehenge are in the winters. Summers are extremely hot so it is best to avoid visiting in the summers.


Nobody till date knows the purpose of building Stonehenge! Yes it’s a mystery. However, many still believe that the monument served as a temple to worship ancient earth deities, and that the Aubrey Holes may have been dug for the purpose of making an offering to the gods. On the other hand, conflicts were made when a theory suggested that it could have been a type of an observatory for marking celestial movements.


Early mornings and evenings are comfortable for sightseeing. Stonehenge allows you to stay for a period of 45 minutes. During the opening hours you cannot walk up to the stones themselves. You can only stay within 10 yards of the stones. However, you can also get Special Access visits, where you are allowed to go beyonf the barriers and walk up to the stones before the opening hours. Only 26 people at a time can be allowed at dawn or evening with a special access visit.

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