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Eritrea Tourism

Eritrea has won its existence after a long drawn out struggle with neighbour, Ethiopia. Skirmishes and gun battles are still a part of day-to-day living but the recent peace pact with Ethiopia means things are getting better. Your sightseeing sojourn of the archaeological sites of Italian and Turko-Egyptian architecture in Asmara and Massawa isn’t complete without evenings by the Red Sea sipping the famous Eritrean gin. Beneath the fabric of people violently fighting for their existence is their warmth and hospitality that makes them one of the best hosts in the world. So take off the bulletproof vests and venture into this young country that is delighted to welcome visitors to its hard won soil.

The Italian cuisine in the country is sure to enthrall your taste buds. Apart from this you can head to the streets to try delectable local seafood especially prawns and lobsters. No Eritrean dish is complete without ‘berbere’, hot chutney made of red chilli, which is guaranteed to have you gasping! The must try drinks are Asmara gin, the local beer called ‘Melotti’ and ‘Mies’, the honey wine.

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