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Tucked away in what is, to many, the back of beyond, the Faroe Islands are a tiny Danish archipelago of some 18 inhabited islands lying in the North Atlantic Sea. The Faroes are, to put it mildly, inhospitable- foggy, windy and mostly treeless. There are few cities, or even towns, in the isles- Tórshavn is about the only place which can classify as a town of some proportions- and the rest is mainly wild, barren countryside with the odd village tucked away along the side of a mountain.

Faroe Islands isn’t a place to see magnificent monuments or watch world class opera; but it’s a wild, beautiful area, and among the best places in Europe- or anywhere in the world, for that matter- to go bird watching. The Faroe Islands may not top many lists of `places to see’, but if you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, see some birds or some whales, trek a bit and relax- well, this is it.

The houses in the Faroe Islands blend in with the scenery – their roofs actually green grass and change colours with the season - brown in autumn, white in winter and a lush green in the summer. Interesting, wouldn’t you say?

Faroese shawls have been world famous for their modishness. The shawls consist of two triangular side panels, one trapezoid, also known as the gusset and an edge treatment. The way these shawls are designed make them cling from shoulders and can also be tied around the waist.

Lace knitting is a traditional handicraft of the people of the Faroe Islands.

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