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If you want to thank the ingenious Finnish for inventing the steam bath, among other great innovations, do so by venturing into their scenic country - Finland. The Finnish are a welcoming, confident and cosmopolitan lot and you should feel right at home in the multi-lingual, multi-cultural aura of this country.

Finland contains some of the most densely forested parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula – a land of lakes, woods and astounding Nordic beauty. Come explore this land of stark natural beauty, from the rugged terrain of Lapland to the idyllic landscapes of the Swedish influenced Aland Islands and into the metropolitan city of Helsinki. Finland is truly a land where nature reigns alongside high technology and 21st century modernity.

Blowing hot and blowing cold can be justified in Finland when, according to custom, people after a hot and steamy sauna bath tumble out in the snow for icy somersaults. Well, you have to try it to believe it!

Believe it or not - mosquitoes are quite a menace in the summers especially just after the rains. Thankfully they are not the malaria kind - mosquito bites just cause some redness and itching.

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