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French Polynesia Tourism

The volcanic islands and atolls of French Polynesia lie scattered around like so many gemstones against the perfect blue of the South Pacific, girdled by underwater reefs that teem with the myriad hues of coral polyps and marine creatures. The first impression of the French Polynesian islands is of a garden paradise, where everything is ever so lush and ripe, the air redolent with the fragrance of frangipani and hibiscus and the sweet, heady aroma of vanilla and pineapple.

Mountains and volcanoes, deep green rainforests and black sandy beaches, waterfalls and lagoons – the landscape of French Polynesia is as varied as the people are charming. Welcome to the “Islands Beyond the Ordinary” – Mecca for holidaymakers, Eden for honeymooners. The island of love, surfer’s paradise and beach bums delight, a living laboratory for anthropologists and marine biologists, the most beautiful place in the world – Welcome to French Polynesia.

It’s common to put a fragrant white flower behind one’s ear -- left side signifies you’re taken, right if you’re looking!

Tahitians are very friendly, but somewhat shy. Greet a Tahitian with a first smile or "ia ora na" (hello), and they will reciprocate two fold by showering you with warm Tahitian hospitality.

The native people of Tahiti have the whitest teeth on earth and it is natural. Put it down to their diet which is rich in fluoride!

Black pearls are only found in Toumotu Islands and are valued by natives and visitors alike.

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