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Things to do in Gabon

The list of things to do in Gabon includes travelling around the capital city Libreville and take a look at Musee des Arts et Tradition that displays indigenous art, musical instruments and masks or check out LÉglise St Michel – a striking church, which is covered with mosaics and local woodcarvings that depict stories from the Bible.

Drive around the attractive beaches or experience the rustic ambience at Pointe Denis. Take a trip to the various game parks and reserves or indulge in water sports at the various beaches here.

Shop at the bustling markets at Liberville for products like wooden Fang, masks, carvings, figurines, pottery and ethnic musical instruments or dig into the authentic French cuisine, which is more popular here as compared to the local Gabonese fare.

Sightseeing in Gabon

Libreville, the capital of Gabon, is one of the most expensive cities on the African continent with up market bars, elegant French restaurants and pricey boutiques though it is almost impossible to buy very much because of the prohibitive costs.

Shopping in Gabon

Libreville has bustling markets at Akebe-Plaine, Nkembo and Mon-Bouet where the items to look for are stone carvings crafted by a group of carvers who have adapted traditional skills for the tourist market.

Activities in Gabon

The beaches along the Gabonese coast adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean offer great places for bathing.

Eating Out in Gabon

The cities in Gabon are full of good restaurants, cafes and bars and most places serve classy French cuisine or African food but rarely local dishes.

Festivals & Events in Gabon

Labour Day, Independence Day, Christmas and New Years Day are some of the festivals in Gabon, which are celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm.

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