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Georgia Tourism

The fabled land of the Colchis from the Greek tale of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece has till today had more than its fair share of turbulence. Incursions by powerful neighbours right from ancient times, separatist movements now, post-Soviet era reconstruction…the challenges to stability in this beautiful country which one day might yet become the "Switzerland of East Europe" have been relentless.

Straddling the East and the West, Georgia is where you’ll find the sunny Mediterranean and the frosty mountains. This is where the Black Sea tempers the wild Caucasus, where the people for all the troubles they’ve had are a warm and keenly affectionate lot, where the food is just delicious; this here is a destination waiting to be discovered and if you can look beyond the lack of tourist infrastructure, you’ll find that you’ve had a jolly good time.

Georgia grows some 521 original varieties of grape - wine making has been perfected to an art in this country. Be sure you buy some before you leave!

It is quite possible to take a holiday without spending a lot of money. Many people will refrain from going ...

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