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Frequent star in history books, Cold War potboilers, cultural magazines, architecture journals and gimmicky glossies, Berlin packs a powerful punch. In the 20s Berlin was the culture capital of Europe and by inference, the world. There was beer to be glugged at the biergarten, and soaring intellectual heights to be reached over kaffe and kuchen at the coffee haus. Everybody and anybody could catch potential somebodies at Berlin's theatres, nightclubs and cabarets. Then of course, came the time where the people of Berlin, those that continued to live it up, were invariably blue eyed blondes. The WAR, the freeze, The WALL and finally the thaw, and Berlin is back in business.

Berlin is beautiful again. Wir fahren nach Berlin, we're travelling to Berlin. Coming?

In the 18th century Friedrich II banned imported coffee to encourage sales of the local beverage: beer!

To own a dog in Berlin you have to shell out an annual tax of €150! It’s an expensive proposition for all you dog lovers out there!

They are pretty conservative and conventional in Berlin and Germany when it comes to naming your baby. You cannot 'invent' a name nor can the name be gender ambiguous! By the way that is a law, and we did not make that up!

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