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Once, one of the largest cities of East Germany, Leipzig today is a cosmopolitan city, an industrial centre which manages to hit just the right balance between culture and materialism. This is the city of lignite, of the largest railway station in Europe - but it’s also the city where Wagner was born; where Mozart and Mendelssohn performed. It is still one of the largest and most important cities in the eastern part of Germany, and surprisingly cosmopolitan.

Leipzig may not be as vibrant as Berlin, but it has a charm and a liveliness all its own, which can be very rewarding for anyone who makes it a part of their itinerary. It’s a city of smart skyscrapers, of shopping malls and lively nightclubs. A city where the pace can be what you want it to be – fast and busy or relaxed and laid back.

Leipzig derives its name from the Slavik word ‘Lipsk’ meaning ‘settlement where the linden trees stand’.

Leipzig acquired the nickname Kleine Paris or "Little Paris" in the 18th century, when it became a centre of a classical literary movement under the leadership of German scholar and writer Johann Christoph Gottsched.

The roots of the Revolution of 1989, which saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany, can be traced to this city. The movement began here and later spread all over the country.

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