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Nürnberg, or Nuremberg as it’s known in English, is the second largest city in Bavaria, once known as the place where Nazism reached its peak. Situated on the Pegnitz River, Nürnberg was at one time an important and majestic medieval town, a cultural and industrial centre which gave birth to masters like the painter Albrecht Dürer and the reformer Melanchthon; but all of this splendour was destroyed in the devastating bombing of World War II.

In recent years, many of Nürnberg’s historic buildings have been restored, and the city is still known for its Gothic churches, ancient castle, medieval walls, handmade toys, cookies and gingerbread (among the more popular products!). Nuremberg today is classified as a lively city with about half a million inhabitants, a city with rich historical past and a city so flooded with tourists all year round!

Remember Hansel and Gretel and the edible witch house? Nuremberg is famous for "Lebkuchen," a honey-flavored Christmas cookie filled with nuts and candied fruits which is akin to gingerbread. This was what the 'witch house' in the fairy tale was built with.

Did you know? In the Middle Ages Nuremberg housed 30 to 40 breweries and beer was considered a very important source for the people as the drinking water from springs and fountains was mostly contaminated with all sorts of diseases. Beer was heated and sterilized before consuming.

The inventor of the first pocket clock in the world was the native of Nuremberg, Peter Henlein. Nuremberg was also home to some other great personalities like the poet Hans Sachs, the painter Albrecht Dürer and Martin Behaim.

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